Katty doesn't have much confidence in herself. She loves the idea and excitement of quidditch, but has hardly ever seen or played it. She comes from an unusual family, her grandparents were both pure-bloods, but her father wasn't a wizard, a squib. Her mother was a muggle, with no family history of wizards. So, Katty is a muggle-born, NOT mud-blood! Her parents passed away when she was little, she never even got to meet them. She has no siblings, and lives with her grand-father; who hates her.

Hi =)

Katty. Me.
Hey. It's Katty here. Everything that you may want to know about my life before and during my time at Hogwarts is here. Or, will be. If there's anything not here that you want to know, add me on msn, or email me. But you can add me on msn anyway, i love to chat =)

 - She's Got Both Hands, In Her Pockets -
 - And She Won't look at you, Won't Look At you -

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